PTFE Coated Medical Components

Innovation is key. We are always looking to improve because we believe that adapting to the market is what allows us to succeed and to produce better results than the competition. We always strive to be the best and are always on the lookout for new uses of our coatings. This is why we’ve managed to be a leader in the competitive industry of medical coatings. Contact us so we can fill you in on how our innovation can make your product difficulties disappear!

Surface Solutions Group, LLC is the technology leader in the highly regulated industry of medical coatings.  All coatings are applied in a facility exclusively medical within a controlled environment. 

Innovation: We strive to be the best and are always searching for new application and techniques for coatings. 

We invest more than 3% of our revenue in research. With more than 54 US Patents for coatings and coating application technology developed in our group of companies, we partner with hundreds of medical device companies..

  •   Testing lab for wear and friction
  •   Full lab for coating development
  •  Medical device qualified engineering staff

Processing Capabilities: We have developed and apply our coating technologies to the following:

  •   Guidewires and coils whether flat or round wire
  •   Hypotubes
  •   Needles cannulas
  •   Electrosurgical blades and devices
  •   Catheters
  •   Continuous length wire and cable coating machinery
  •   And other medical devices

Deliverables: You can expect when using Surface Solutions Group

  •   Prototype to production with proven capabilities  defective deliverables less than 155 ppm
  •  On-time delivery >95.4% ( 2020-2021 )
  •   11 automated, electrostatic robotic production lines
  •   10 low volume production cells
  •  Precision masking and laser ablation capabilities 
  •   Packaging for transport worldwide
  •   Certifications: ISO 13485

Mission Accomplished!

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