Our Mission: Coating Technology Excellence

Ongoing Process Perfection and Relentless Research

At SSG, our end goal is to advance the medical industry by providing coating technologies and application techniques that improve the function, consistency, and safety of medical devices. We believe that our coatings allow medical devices to function at their highest level. In the medical field, with the constant advancement in technology, this doesn’t happen without innovation on our end. We identify needs in the medical industry and pursue solutions to meet those needs.

Continual Innovation

Our pursuit is of continual improvement guides our innovation. Our over 100 cross trained employees collaborate closely with each other and with our customers to ensure that we solve industry challenges and produce the best results possible. Throughout the entire organization, across every department, we all have the same goal in mind, and that is to deliver the best possible coatings with the focus on quality and repeatability.

Our Goal

Our coatings help medical devices function at a higher capacity by changing the properties of medical wire and other devices for the better. Each of our employees is focused on delivering better, more consistent, and higher quality coating technologies that ultimately improve patient safety. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously.