Small coated medical device

Improved Catheter Performance

When it comes to catheters, the sanitization of the catheter, and safety and comfort of the patient are paramount. SSG’s low friction hydrophilic coatings for silicone catheters reduce friction and ensure that bacteria are minimized. Your catheters are coated with exceptional quality, accuracy, repeatability and consistency.

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about safety using these devices. At SSG, it’s our mission to help ensure patient safety, medical device performance, and improve patient outcomes. SSG’s capabilities for catheters include the following:

  • Coating elastomeric, silicone, and many other materials
  • Masking that is specialized for the device
  • Inside, outside, or dual surface coating
  • Plus, many other capabilities.

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What Coatings Fit Your Catheters

Slick Sil® LSR Coated Silicone Rubber - Eliminate the Stickiness of Silicone Rubber

  • Low friction (.31) vs. raw silicone (.65)
  • Chemical bond
  • Thin film (.0005” – .001”)

FluoroMed®-AM - Anti-Microbial Coating Technology

  • FluoroMed®-AM eliminates pathogens on the spot
  • It is a biocompatible coating
  • It is made as an anti-microbial formula

AquaGlide® Hydrophilic Coating - Hydrophilic coating technology

  • AquGlide® offers the lowest friction possible
  • Biocompatible
  • .0005” – .0010” per side

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