Medical Device and Component Applications

Medical Device and Component Applications

Surface Solutions Group offers coating services for an array of medical devices and components. We apply our coating technologies to everything from guidewires, mandrels, needles and hypotubes, to catheters, electrosurgical blades, continuous wire, and more. Our well-trained coating professionals will get the job done right every time. Serving the medical industry, we only hire the most capable people for the job. When you send us your products to be coated, you know that they are in the trusted hands of people who care about the best possible end result. The ultimate goal of any project is to return your medical products to you in better shape than when we received them. With SSG’s coatings, your products gain improved physical properties that they never had before.

Contact us to find out how our coating technologies can improve the performance and functionality of the following medical device and component applications.

Guidewires, Coils & Cables

Your guidewires, coils and cables will be in the hands of our highly skilled, capable and well-trained coating professionals. Through our automated coating systems, we apply the exact right amount of coating that your wires need. Learn more about our guidewire coating capabilities.

Mandrels, Hypotubes, Solid Wire & Snap Wire

Your mandrels, solid formed wires, snap wires and hypotubes all can be coated on our electrostatic automated coating lines. We have developed tooling and processing parameters that are repeatable and provide your product with a quality coating to meet your requirements. Learn more about our mandrel and other device coating capabilities.

Reel-to-Reel Continuous Wire, Cable & Tubing

SSG can coat your reel-to-reel continuous length wires, cables and tubing of various sizes. We guarantee the best quality of coatings for your reels through our automated coating systems. Learn more about our reel-to-reel, continuous coating capabilities.


SSG can apply low friction, lubricious PTFE and PTFE-free coatings to needles that require low insertion force. If the application is on an EMG needle, we offer coatings that provide electrical insulating properties. Learn more about our needle coating capabilities.

Electrosurgical Blades, Jaws and Other Devices

Our highly trained coating experts and our state of the art facility allow us to coat most medical devices with ElectroBond or FluoroBond-N/N-2. These coatings provide a non-stick element to the products that you send us. Learn more about our electrosurgical blade and device coating capabilities.

Silicone and Rubber Parts

Our Slick Sil® and FluoroBond®-R coatings add low-friction properties to your silicone and rubber parts. These surfaces that are normally high friction are transformed into a more durable, low-friction surface. Learn more about our silicone rubber coating applications.


When it comes to catheters, it’s important that the sanitization and safety of the patient and catheter comes first. Our Slick Sil® LSR and FluoroMed®-AM coatings reduce the friction properties of the catheter and also reduces bacterial concerns. Learn more about our catheter coating capabilities.

Devices Requiring Hydrophilic Coatings

AquaGlide® is a thermal-cured hydrophilic medical device coating that bonds to a variety of metal, plastic, rubber and other substrates. It is a specially formulated coating that absorbs water, saline and body fluids to provide a very low-friction surface when hydrated. Learn more about our hydrophilic coating applications.

Dental Products & Components

Our FluoroMed® non-stick coatings for dental products offer low friction properties along with antimicrobial protection. Available in a variety of colors, they can be applied to a wide variety of dental products. Learn more about our dental product coating services.

Precision and Miniature Devices

Our coatings for precision and miniature medical devices assist in making sure the patient is in a safe environment during their procedures. Learn more about our precision coating applications and capabilities.

Other Medical Devices

Many surgeries today are performed using PTFE coated medical devices and surgical equipment which require low friction, non-stick, electrical insulation and other performance-related properties, such as safety, proper use and durability. In addition to the surgical environment, PTFE coatings are also common in medical and imaging labs. Learn more about other medical devices we can coat.