Coated dental devices

Our FluoroMed® coatings for dental products offer nonstick properties along with antimicrobial protection. The nonstick coatings can be applied to any dental product, such as arch wires, brace brackets, matrix bands and tofflemire matrices. Our coatings are offered in an assortment of colors or a clear nonstick finish. We can coat individual parts or the strip or coil that is used to later form the band for use.

Coating thickness from 2 micron to 25 microns. All of our coatings are biocompatible.

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What Coatings Fit Your Dental

FluoroMed® - PTFE coating

FluoroMed®-AM - Anti-Microbial Coating Technology

  • FluoroMed®-AM eliminates pathogens on the spot
  • It is a biocompatible coating
  • It is made as an anti-microbial formula

FluoroBond® N/N2 - Low-Friction Cutting Edge

  • Will not anneal or affect temper of cutting edges
  • Ultra-thin, micron deposition
  • Tenacious bond strength to smooth, ground, or polished metal surfaces

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