FluoroBond® Pre-Treat

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FluoroBond® Pre-Treat Medical Device Cleaning Process

SSG’s passion for continuous improvements in medical coatings led us to research and develop a pre-treat medical device cleaning process that improves the adhesion of PTFE. When PTFE coatings were evolving between 2010 and 2015 to eliminate PFOA in PTFE coatings, we found that adhesion of PTFE coatings to the substrate to be weak and inconsistent.

We developed our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat process to super clean the substrate surfaces and remove the alkaline and iron oxides that are detrimental to the reformulated PTFE coatings’ adhesion to the substrate. With FluoroBond® Pre-Treat, you get a reliable and consistent cleaning system that assures the adhesion of the PTFE to the substrate.

FluoroBond® Pre-Treat is a proprietary 7-stage hyper cleaning process developed by the engineers at SSG to enhance the adhesion of PFOA-free PTFE coatings on stainless steel and nitinol medical devices. It is environmentally safe and nontoxic.

Our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat medical device cleaning process is completely automated and provides excellent repeatability. Our coatings are only as good as the cleaning system we use. Over 75,000,000 guidewires, and mandrels have been processed using our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat and we have not had any adhesion issues with the PTFE coatings.


FluoroBond® Pre-Treat Processing Features

  • Controlled lot sizes for specific part numbers
  • Programmable process for various part configurations
  • Automated and controlled multi-stage process
  • Small bulk part processing
  • Mandrels up to 310 cm in length
  • Coils up to 600 cm in length

Key Benefits of FluoroBond® Pre-Treat

  • Enhanced adhesion for PFOA-free PTFE coatings
  • Environmentally friendly and nontoxic
  • No field failures or delamination of PFOA-free PTFE coatings when using FluoroBond® Pre-Treat
  • No FDA recalls of treated devices