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Drop a beaker or glass tube and it shatters… but not if it’s coated with a FluoroGlass® glass coating! Surface Solutions Group’s leading PFA coated glass solution, FluoroGlass®, provides hospitals, medical labs, lab testing facilities and numerous other industries with safety from accidents involving shattered glass and harsh chemicals.

PFA Glass Coatings Create Safe Glass Products

The FluoroGlass® coating provides the ultimate in coated glassware equipment protection and safety. Even in the most careful lab environments, beakers, test tubes and other glass products are still susceptible to breakage and other accidents. To minimize these accidents, glass coatings, such as FluoroGlass®, can be applied to help reduce breakage and enhance safety in such sensitive environments. And, the FluoroGlass® coating process is enhanced with the ultimate in glass bonding technology.

The optically clear fluoropolymer glass coating is almost invisible on the surface of glass parts so that when glass components in the medical field are accidentally broken, the coating contains the shards and keeps them from scattering. In addition, FluoroGlass® glass coating is high-temperature capable and can protect incandescent and infrared heater bulbs.

Important Characteristics of FluoroGlass® Coated Products

FluoroGlass® is an inert, modified fluoropolymer with the ultimate in glass bonding technology. For any lab or facility where glassware is used, it is wise to switch to PFA coated glass, like FluoroGlass®, to improve safety of working conditions, decrease the risk of injury and to improve the properties of the glass coating to allow for:

  • Liquid quantities to be seen through the transparent glass with high optical clarity
  • Non-stick properties
  • Chemical resistance (chemically inert to most acids, solvents and solutions)
  • Chemicals to be safely mixed without risk of glass breakage
  • Easy cleaning of glassware
  • Flexible, enhanced glass strength, which is virtually indestructible but will retain broken glass fragments if fractured
  • High temperature tolerances (up to 500° F) for liquids and external heating
  • Anti-microbial properties (upon request)
  • Autoclavability for easy sanitizing and sterilization

Medical Coatings Applications for PTFE Coated Glass Products

Medical applications of FluoroGlass® coated products are often used in lab, testing and experimental facilities. Use of these glass coatings is helpful to contain strong acids and other toxic liquids that could potentially injure or cause harm if they were to come into contact with human skin or other elements in the lab environment. Some of the more common medical FluoroGlass® PFA coated glass products that offer enhanced safety and protection include:

  • Beakers
  • Columns
  • Flasks
  • Bottles
  • Light bulbs
  • Safety Lenses
  • Cylinders
  • Evaporators

In addition to medical applications of PFA coated glass products, Surface Solutions Group FluoroGlass® coating technology also helps to enhance the properties of products used in food service and warehouse applications, along with numerous other industries. For example, FluoroGlass® coated light bulbs are often used in popcorn wagons, as well as hospital environments, to enhance safety in the event that a lightbulb bursts or is struck by another object.

Whenever a glass product could benefit from the non-stick properties of PFA, heat resistance, chemical resistance or simply enhanced safety, a FluoroGlass® glass coating can help to enhance the original properties of the glass container or product.