Medical Device Coating Capabilities

Medical Device Coating Capabilities

Surface Solutions Group is the technology leader in the highly regulated industry of medical coatings. All coatings are applied in a facility exclusively medical within a controlled environment.

Innovation: We strive to be the best and are always searching for new application and techniques for coatings.

We invest more than 3% of our revenue in research. We hold more than 54 US Patents for coatings and coating application technology developed in our group of companies. Partner with hundred of medical device companies.

  • Testing lab for wear and friction
  • Full lab for coating development
  • Medical device qualified engineering staff

Processing Capabilities: We have developed and apply our coating technologies to the following:

  • Guidewires and coils whether flat or round wire
  • Hypotubes
  • Needles and cannulas
  • Electrosurgical blades and devices
  • Catheters
  • Continuous length wire and cable coating machinery
  • And other medical devices

Deliverables: You can expect when using Surface Solutions Group

  • Prototype to production with proven capabilities defective deliverables less than 155ppm
  • On-time delivery > 95.4% (2020-2021)
  • 11 automated, electrostatic robotic production lines
  • 10 low volume production cells
  • Precision masking and laser ablation capabilities
  • Packaging for transport worldwide
  • Certifications: ISO 13485:2016

Guidewires, Mandrels, Hypotubes, Solid Wire & Snap Wire

FluoroWire and VisiMark, your guidewires, mandrels, hypotubes, solid wires and snap wires will be in the hands of our tenacious, highly capable and well-trained coating professionals. Through our automated coating systems, we apply the exact right amount of coating that your wires need. Learn more about our Guidewire coating capabilities.

Reel-to-Reel Continuous Length

Our well-trained professionals apply FluoroWire and FluoroMed-AM to take of your wires, cables and tubing even if they are on reels. We guarantee the best quality of coatings for your reels through our automated coating systems. Learn more about our reel-to-reel, continuous coating capabilities.

Precision and Miniature Devices

Our VisiMark, VisiBond, and FluoroBond-N coatings assist in making sure the patient is in a safe environment during their procedures. With these special coatings, the chance of trauma to a patient is reduced and procedures are performed more effectively. Learn more about our Precision coating capabilities.

Electrosurgical Blades and Devices

Our highly trained coating experts and our state of the art facility allow us to coat most medical devices with ElectroBond or FluoroBond-N/N-2. These coatings provide a non-stick element to the products that you send us. Learn more about our Blade and Device coating capabilities.


When it comes to catheters, it’s important that the sanitization and safety of the patient and catheter comes first. Our Slick Sil LSR and FluoroMed-AM coatings reduce the friction properties of the catheter and also ensures that any bacterial concerns are taken care of. Learn more about our Catheter coating capabilities.

Rubber Parts

Our FluoroBond-R coatings add low-friction properties to your rubber parts. Rubber surfaces that are normally high friction are transformed into a more durable, low-friction surface. Learn more about our rubber coating capabilities.

PTFE Coated Medical Components

Innovation is key. We are always looking to improve because we believe that adapting to the market is what allows us to succeed and to produce better results than the competition. We always strive to be the best and are always on the lookout for new uses of our coatings. This is why we’ve managed to be a leader in the competitive industry of medical coatings. Contact us so we can fill you in on how our innovation can make your product difficulties disappear!

FluoroBond® N and N2 Technology

FluoroBond® coatings can be used to coat miniature precision parts and even electrosurgical blades because of the high temperature. N/N-2 can be used on surgical blades or cutting devices to reduce the frictional properties of the cutting surface.


Our Coating Technologies

Our medical device coating capabilities and technologies allow us to coat products for medical devices that include guidewires, hypotubes, needles, coils, mandrels. Our coatings are used on various metals, silicone rubber, natural rubber, pebax, glass, polymers and other substrates.

At SSG, we strive to be the best, and will continue to develop new and exciting coatings for the medical device industry. Not only can we assist you with your specific application, but we will work to educate you on the different technologies we offer, and how they can help you now and in the future.

Our History: A History with a Consistent Focus

Surfaces Solutions Group and its sister company, Orion Industries, have over 60 years of experience in the coating industry, with over 20 years of experience in coating medical devices alone. Due to the growing customer base in the medical device industry, Orion created a separate company called Surface Solutions Group.

Mission: Accomplished

Our Fundamental Principles: Consistency in a Constantly Changing Industry

 Ongoing Process Control and Repeatable, Consistent Quality

Every company has an end goal in mind. At SSG, our main focus is to contribute to the medical industry by providing coating technologies and applications that improve the function and safety of medical devices. We believe that our coatings allow medical devices to function at their highest capacity. In the medical field, with the constant advancement in technology, this doesn’t happen without innovation on our end. We identify needs in the medical industry and aggressively pursue solutions to meet those needs.

At SSG, we believe that this pursuit is what guides our innovation. With this innovative mindset also comes our standards for consistent results. In the medical field, there is no room for error. We take this responsibility seriously and coat your products and devices with the life of the patient in mind. This is why we return your devices to you as quickly as possible with consistent quality in every shipment. This consistent quality has allowed our customers to sole source their coating requirements to SSG with confidence.

Our goal is to leave a positive mark on the medical industry that is unmatched. We continue to meet this goal with innovation of technology and the consistency of results as our guiding objectives.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning. Our 75 cross trained employees work together to ensure that we produce the best results possible. No matter what department any of us are involved in, we all have the same goal in mind: to deliver coatings that serve to provide the best possible coatings for your medical device with the focus on quality and repeatability.

Surface Solutions Group is a team of engineers, formulators, technicians and executives with extensive medical coating formulation and application experience.

Why Surface Solutions Group is your best collaborative partner: We are not owned by M&A investors and we have no debt. With over 60 years of experience in the coating industry, including more than 20 years of coating medical devices, SSG constantly invests in its future. One of our Fundamental Principles is to improve the medical industry by providing coating technologies that improve the function and safety of medical devices. We uphold this principle by applying and optimizing coatings that allow medical devices to function at their highest capacity. Our focus is not quarterly returns.

Our passion for the industry and our customers is evident through our quality management certifications, ISO 13485:2016, and our state-of-the-art facility, which allows us to create innovative technologies and stay ahead of the curve while also meeting our customer’s requests more efficiently than ever before. Our Success Stories are abundant because our team of engineers, chemists, technicians, and executives is incredibly dedicated to the work they do.

Get our team started on your next project! Contact us today at 773-427-2084. to collaborate with a technical consultant today!

State-of-the-Art Facility

Due to high customer demand, SSG has grown fast over the years, and we expanded to a 64,000 square foot, state-of-the art-facility in 2016. Our ongoing process control enables us to provide consistent quality and on-time delivery. Our operation includes 11 automated coating lines and 10 manual coating lines, along with a coating lab for evaluating and formulating coatings for specific applications. We continue to innovate and improve our coating technologies, and work harder than anyone else in the industry to provide you with the best possible results.