Devices Requiring Hydrophilic Coatings

Hydrophilic coated devices

Hydrophilic Medical Device Coating

AquaGlide® is a thermal-cured hydrophilic medical device coating. It is a specially formulated coating that absorbs water, saline and body fluids to provide a very low-friction surface when hydrated. These coatings bond to coils, hypotubes, mandrels made of stainless steel along with plastic substrates, polymer jacketed material and some rubber substrates. AquaGlide® provides very low friction surface characteristics when in the presence of fluids.

AquaGlide® provides very low friction insertion and withdrawal of catheters or guidewires. The friction forces are reduced compared to an uncoated device. The frictional forces can be reduced up to 90% when the coated surface is hydrated.

Applied properties of AquaGlide®:

  • Dry film thickness of .0002” – .0005” per side
  • Low temperature cure of 250° – 300° maximum
  • Transparent bonded film allows for visible depth or markers on the device
  • Patient comfort from lower frictional properties
  • Permanently bonded
  • Can be sprayed or dipped, depending on the article to be coated
  • Biocompatible and antithrombogenic

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