AquaGlide® Hydrophilic Coating

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Slippery When Wet

AquaGlide® coating is a group of specially formulated and applied hydrophilic (water loving) coatings developed to absorb water, saline solutions and bodily fluids, and to provide a low friction surface when hydrated. These coatings are bonded to metals, plastics and flexible or rubber substrates to provide low friction surface characteristics when in the presence of fluids.

Key Features of AquaGlide®

  • Provides easy, low friction insertion and removal of devices
  • Friction forces reduced, compared to dry friction; up to 95% when surface is hydrated
  • Clear / translucent color to allow visible depth or markings on device
  • Pigmented / tinted formulations available
  • Adhesion optimized with specific formulations for different substrate requirements
  • Low temperature bonding for heat sensitive substrates
  • Reduce potential tissue damage and increase patient comfort
  • Permanently bonded
  • Custom colors and formulations available

Surface Solutions Group offers three specifically formulated AquaGlide® hydrophilic coatings:

  • AquaGlide® -M for metal surfaces: Most medical metals such as stainless steel alloys and Nitinol are coated with our family of hydrophilic coatings to provide water-absorbing properties and to increase patient comfort with these inserted metal devices. Titanium, platinum, plated metals, and many more are successfully processed.
  • AquaGlide® -R for rubber or flexible surfaces: All types of rubber devices, tubing and guards are provided with a surface to provide low friction when moistened with water or saline solutions on the normally high-friction, yet flexible rubber and synthetic rubber surfaces. Many flexible polymers including urethane, Pebax, buna-n, nitrile, nylon and other natural rubber compounds are successfully processed.
  • AquaGlide® -P for plastic surfaces: Many plastic and filled glass or fiber-reinforced plastic surfaces of medical devices can have the low friction surface provided by a bonded hydrophilic coating. When moistened with water or a saline solution, the coated plastic surface adopts the hydrophilic properties of a true low friction surface. Many different types of plastic, including polyimide and glass filled plastics are successfully processed.

Specialty formulations and colors are available.

Application & Properties

  • Dry film .0002”—.0004” or 0.005—0.0010mm
  • Transparent / translucent bonded film
  • Ultra accurate spray or dip processed
  • Low temperature cure formulations available
  • 510K assistance available
  • Biocompatible and antithrombogenic
  • Applied to existing designs of devices