Electrosurgical Blades/Jaws

Coated blades and jaws

Low Friction Electrosurgical Coatings

Our coating experts and our state of the art facility allow us to coat most medical devices. SSG’s ElectroBond® coating offers insulative and non-stick properties for electrosurgical electrosurgical blades, jaws and other devices. Combined with FluoroBond®, these low friction electrosurgical coatings provide a non-stick cutting edge. When it comes to electrosurgical products, we cover all of the following: 

  • Straight blades of all lengths
  • Balls
  • Hooks
  • Loops
  • Special shapes
  • And many others

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What Coatings Fit Your Electrosurgical Blades/Jaws

ElectroBond® – Electrosurgical Blade - Optimizing Non-Stick Electrosurgical Device Performance

  • Extremely hard surface (4H pencil hardness) with excellent eschar release
  • No porosity provides controlled cutting with virtually no uncontrolled sparking
  • More damage resistant than any PTFE or silicone electrosurgical coating on existing blades

FluoroBond® N/N2/N3 - Low-Friction Cutting Edge

  • Will not anneal or affect temper of cutting edges
  • Ultra-thin, micron deposition
  • Tenacious bond strength to smooth, ground, or polished metal surfaces

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