FluoroBond® N/N2/N3

Download FluoroBond® N Tech Sheet
Download FluoroBond® N2 Tech Sheet

FluoroBond® N/N2 is a micron-thin, thermally bonded film of fluoropolymers that exhibits a tenacious bond to smooth cutting surfaces such as scalpels and blades. The bonded film has very low surface energy, which reduces cutting force by providing an ultra-low friction coated surface.

  • Low-Friction Cutting Edge
  • Lubricated edges simply cut easier than non-lubricated edges.
  • FluoroBond® N/N2 creates a surface that is permanently non-stick and is bonded to metal substrate
  • In addition, many medical device surfaces such as wires, guidewires, tubular products, probes and needles can be successfully coated with this technology, cuts are made smoother, faster, and with less friction.
  • Key Features of FluoroBond® N/N2

FluoroBond® coatings can be used to coat miniature precision parts and even electrosurgical blades because of the high temperature. FluoroBond® N/N2 can be used on surgical blades or cutting devices to reduce the frictional properties of the cutting surface.

  • Will not anneal or affect temper of cutting edges
  • Ultra-thin, micron deposition
  • Tenacious bond strength to smooth, ground, or polished metal surfaces
  • Durable and strong; provides long lasting low-friction blade performance
  • Curing temperatures will not dull nor affect blade sharpness
  • Optically clear or invisible on smooth surfaces
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Selective application area to optimize device performance

FluoroBond® N – A polymer coating used to reduce friction on scalpels and needles

  • Clear, low friction coating
  • Thickness of .0002”-.0005” per surface
  • Excellent adhesion to stainless steel

FluoroBond® N2 – 2-3 micron layer of ceramic coating that adheres to stainless steel, tungsten and Nitinol

  • Clear coating
  • Thickness 2-3 microns per surface
  • High temperature resistance of 800 F plus
  • Excellent adhesion to stainless steel, Nitinol and tungsten

FluoroBond® N3 – Biocompatible, medical grade lubrication for cutting edges and needles

  • Clear, low gloss, low friction coating
  • 50% active silicone ingredients in solvent
  • Low cure temperature (accelerated at 158F)
  • Reduces cutting and puncture force
  • High adhesion for durability
  • Forms a bond to polar surfaces such as metals and some plastics