Becoming a Primary Supplier, An SSG Success Story

A major guidewire manufacturer approached Surface Solutions Group with an opportunity for us to be a coater for all of their overflow work. They had a coating line in-house, but could not keep up with the demand of their customers. They worked with SSG to develop a process that met all of their requirements, and over time they saw that SSG was able to consistently meet or exceed those requirements.

Today, this relationship is much different than it was several years ago. SSG found ways to reduce the number of rejects and reduce the amount of material that was being used on a daily basis. This saved the customer money over consecutive years, and got the attention of some important decision-makers within their company.

It was then that SSG received some pleasantly surprising news — we were told that we would be the primary coater of not only all of the guidewires they manufactured, but also all mandrels and cables. In fact, our customer informed us that they would no longer be coating any product in-house with PTFE. We worked to get all part numbers qualified and validated, and now all PTFE coating for this customer is done by SSG.

We became a problem-solver for this customer. With every project they have approached us with, we have found a way to reduce cost, rejects or labor, and have made an impact on their bottom line.

With our innovative approach to applying coatings in our state-of-the-art facility, we will help you solve the issues you may be having with your coating applications. We pride ourselves on being that problem-solver for our customers.

If you would like to learn how SSG can help with your medical device coating project, contact us and speak with our technical consultant!