SSG Cannula Project Results in Expanding Arsenal of Color Marking Technology

A large medical device manufacturer needed PTFE coating applied to cannulas requiring precise masking on the proximal end. The coating had to demonstrate low friction properties and maintain coating adhesion during the grinding process to produce the beveled end. It required good dielectric resistance since the cannulas would be used for soft tissue biopsies and exploratory procedures. Contrasting color markers that would not flake had to be placed at specified intervals as depth markers.

SSG sampled coatings on cannulas to ensure they could withstand the beveling process. Prototypes were then fabricated from the white PTFE-coated cannulas which were verified for dielectric properties. While initial results were good, the customer required increased electrical resistance. SSG chemists reformulated our FluoroMed® coating to meet customer needs. Adhesion during the beveling process was excellent.

Next SSG was challenged to create contrasting color banding without the use of ink, paint or coating ablation. SSG turned to its patented Visi MarkSM technology to create exacting depth banding integrated into the white PTFE, to blueprint requirements. This was accomplished with no ink, no paint and no ablation. The resulting white cannula has black distance bands, visible from any angle.

SSG has used what it learned on this early project as a foundation for many other primary and contrasting color marking capabilities in our ever-expanding arsenal of Visi MarkSM technology. New color combinations include many primary colors. In addition, Visi MarkSM can provide optional alpha-numeric markings on the barrel of the cannula for lot code, manufacturing date or manufacturing identification code.