SSG Chemists Duplicate Coatings to Enable Domestic Fabrication

For decades, Baxter Medical relied on a German manufacturer for endoscopic and surgical instrumentation. With usage on the rise in the early 1980’s and an increasing demand worldwide, Baxter found itself faced with three- to four-month backlogs and the inability to fill orders. They had to find a domestic component provider in order to supply surgeons with the equipment they required.

Baxter approached the SSG team with its problem. Our chemists immediately went to work to analyze and identify the insulating coating used by the German company. We purchased testing equipment, applied the coating, and tested instrumentation for film integrity, dielectric strength and electrical insulating values. SSG successfully developed a process to replicate the coating.

Our success meant Baxter was able to meet increased demand. Baxter went on to bolster its market share and secure its position as a major industry provider.