SSG Develops Mandrel Coating with No Touch Marks or Masking Lines

SSG was approached by a high-tech Israeli company that needed a specialized mandrel in numerous lengths with round ends. Their application required a very precise PTFE coating with a tolerance of +/- .0002″. We were able to obtain the mandrels, per print, through our worldwide, high quality supply chain. We then applied (+/- .00015) ultra-pure PTFE coating with no pigment. This high-purity PTFE, extraordinarily thin coating thickness demanded incredible deposition accuracy and had to be delivered with no touch marks or masking lines.

SSG’s process ensured the mandrels were untouched by human hands during PTFE application. We developed assembly line procedures that delivered high quality automatic coating, part after part. The client was delighted with our advanced techniques and consistent and accurate PTFE application techniques.