SSG Quickly Delivers Coated Continuous Lengths of Spooled Wire

A major guidewire manufacturer was working with a coating applicator source that continued to insist on a six week lead time for PTFE coating applications. Delivery time failed to improve over many months. The resulting “bottleneck” in production made it impossible for the guidewire manufacturer to fill its orders on schedule. Their customers were threatening to take their business elsewhere.

The guidewire manufacturer needed a new supply source for PTFE coated continuous wire lengths. Their management needed to find a manufacturer of continuous coated wire for coils and mandrels who could deliver quality product on time as needed. They approached SSG to process an initial order of 10,000 – .020″ x 175mm 304 V stainless wire lengths for customer evaluation. SSG used its FluoroMed® ON2-115 coating system to apply .00015″ to .0003″ per side.

SSG’s proprietary coating’s adhesion and strength easily exceeded the customer’s coiling process, however friction properties were 15% higher compared with the previous supplier. In response to this outcome, SSG chemists were able to quickly reformulate the FluoroMed® coating system and created a lower friction FluoroMed® ON2-115A. The modified material is ultra strong. It maintained the superb adhesion and now met the lower friction needs while passing all the coiling and path testing. The customer was delighted and transferred all of its continuous wire coating business to SSG.

SSG applies PTFE, FEP and PEEK coatings onto spooled wire with diameters ranging from .001″ to .040″. Coating thickness ranges from .0015″ to .0003″ per side. We offer a wide range of PTFE coating colors including green, clear/natural, blue, grey/white, black, flesh, purple and orange. Other custom colors are available on request.

SSG has strategic relationships with wire manufacturers from coast to coast. We routinely buy wire and apply coatings to customer specifications to supply domestic and international customers with coated spooled wire on continuous reels. Many of our customers take advantage of SSG stocking programs for overnight shipment on demand.