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VisiMark® PTFE Medical Coatings with Banding and High-Contrast Markings

VisiMark® PTFE Medical Coatings with Banding and High-Contrast Markings

VisiMark® is a product of Surface Solutions Group, Inc. (SSG) to enhance medical devices with a low friction polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating and permanent visible marks. Markings often include permanent alpha-numeric characters that denote manufacturing codes, dates, and style along with banding. Many combinations of contrasted markings can be applied by SSG during the coating process per your design or specifications.

The combination of banding and alpha-numeric characters is often used for nasal cannulas, guidewires, probes and needles, however Visi Mark® coatings and permanent markings are available for any SSG PTFE coated medical device. Designs can be marked with a lot number, date and serial number to track and identify the instrument. With these markings and/or banding demarcations, surgeons’ assistants and nurses have an easier job identifying appropriate usage, placement, insertion and depth guidelines.

Surface Solutions Group, LLC inspects all VisiMark® coated medical instruments in test procedures to verify the applied coating specifications. The PTFE coatings and markings of these instruments allow for improved biocompatibility, reduced contamination, along with decreased misuse and waste. Additionally, each medical device coated by SSG with VisiMark® banding or marking possesses non-stick properties and anti-microbial protections which can be included in the coating.

VisiMark® medical grade coatings and contrasted markings are available in eight colors, including:

  • Green, with black or white markings
  • Blue, with black or white markings
  • Grey, with black or white markings
  • Black, with white markings
  • White, with black markings
  • Silver, with black markings
  • Red, with white markings

VisiMark® markings and coatings can help to identify products, indicate their appropriate usage and be used in diagnostic evaluations with the following characteristics:

  • Banding
  • Barcodes
  • Alpha numeric codes, such as lot numbers, dates and serial codes
  • Maskings

Contact us to discuss how VisiMark® PTFE medical coatings can improve the functionality of your device.