Medical Designer's Dozen
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With almost 2 centuries of experience under our roof, we have expertise with a dozen proprietary medical coatings and application technologies for the widest range of medical device coatings in the world.


Medical Device Coatings

For all medical applications, the experience and integrity of the coating applicator is of the utmost importance. This is especially true as the landscape of medical products, including the requirements of a functional coatings, continues to change in the lab, surgical, hospital and long-term care facility settings.

Surface Solutions Group is a leader in the development and application of functional medical coatings. Our proven medical coating techniques assure the utmost in quality control, consistency, reliability, and service. Our passion for the medical industry shines through our products because we deliver the quality that our customers expect to meet their device requirements.

Our passion for continuous improvements in medical coatings led us to research and develop a new pretreatment that improved the adhesion of PTFE. When PTFE coatings were evolving in 2010 from made with PFOA to where we are since 2015 with no PFOA PTFE coatings, we found adhesion of PTFE coatings to the substrate to be weak and not consistent. We developed our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat to super clean the surfaces and remove the alkaline and iron oxides that were detrimental to No PFOA PTFE’s coatings’ adhesion to the substrate. This FluoroBond® Pre-Treat has given SSG a reliable and consistent cleaning system that assures the adhesion of the PTFE to the substrate. (see the photo below)

Our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat cleaning system is completely automated and gives us excellent repeatability. Our coatings are only as good as the cleaning system we use. Over 75,000,000 guidewires, and mandrels have been processed using our FluoroBond® Pre-Treat and we have not had an adhesion issue with the PTFE coatings.

We are a results oriented company and we are always looking to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements in quality, service and delivery. Our medical coatings change the properties of medical wire and other devices for the better with reliable biocompatibility and improvements to product and patient safety. That is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

Our Cutting-Edge Medical Coating Technology and DESIGNER’S DOZEN™ coating technologies.

Our DESIGNER’S DOZEN™ coating technologies is a suite of twelve specialized medical coating services for components ranging from medical instruments to surgical devices, inserted needles and hypotubes. Various medical coating technologies can enhance the performance of medical products or equipment by changing the friction levels, meeting biocompatibility requirements and contributing to the overall safety or use of the medical product.

Each coating in our DESIGNER’S DOZEN™ group seeks to enhance your medical components to ensure that they function at their highest capacity. Our DESIGNER’S DOZEN™ medical coatings include: