FluoroBond® N and N2 Technology

FluoroBond®-N – A polymer coating used to reduce friction on scalpels and needles 

  1. Clear, low friction Coating
  2. Thickness – .0002”-.0005” per surface
  3. Excellent adhesion to stainless steel

FluoroBond®N2 – 2-3-micron layer of coating that will adhere to stainless and Nitinol

  1. Clear Coating
  2. Thickness 2-3 Microns per surface
  3. High temperature resistance 800 F plus
  4. Excellent adhesion to stainless steel, Nitinol and tungsten

FluoroBond® coatings can be used to coat miniature precision parts and even electrosurgical blades because of the high temperature.  N/N-2 can be used on surgical blades or cutting devices to reduce the frictional properties of the cutting surface.

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