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Bruce Nesbitt Speaks about PFOA and EPA Regulations

Watch as Bruce Nesbitt explains the mandatory removal of PFOA from the presently specified PTFE coatings and the EPA’s position on the new regulations. Then, he covers the range of new coatings that are being developed and tested that comply with the EPA regulations and the pros and cons of each new type of coating….

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Friction Test Equipment for PTFE Coating on Guidewires

Breakthrough in PTFE-coated Guidewires

Micron-accurate Coating Equal to Medical Device Tolerances With most biomedical procedures, success is measured in fractions of an inch–more commonly, microns. Exact friction-free insertion of guidewires, hypotubes, catheters, cannulas, stents, balloons, drug-delivery catheters, cameras, and tissue samplers is critical to the success and safety of every procedure. PTFE-coated guidewires are often used in the first…

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FluoroBond(R) Pre-treat difference

Perfecting PFOA-free PTFE Coating Adhesion

Recall is the last word a biomedical business wants to hear. But that is what struck the guidewire industry last year after a voluntary recall – that the FDA classified as Class 1– for stainless steel guidewires going back to April 2013. The problem was poor adhesion of an aqueous PFOA-free PTFE coating that resulted in flakes…

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The Solution to Delamination after the FDA Ban on PFOA

Why the Solution to PTFE Adhesion to Guidewires is Not a Material Swap As seen in Q-Med The demand by the EPA that manufacturers eliminate PFOA from their PTFE formulations by 2015 appears related to a series of crises for some medical manufacturers due to loss of coating adhesion on guidewires. A recent FDA Class I recall notice states: “There…

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Pristine Production Area Pre-construction

SSG to Move to a New, Larger Dedicated Facility

Surface Solutions Group is Expanding! SSG is moving in 2014 to a new location called our “Campus.” The new facility is being purposely built for the application, research and development of coatings for the medical device industry. This represents a 5x expansion in floor space, from 6,500 to 34,000 square feet. The new facility will…

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Orion Enters Medical Device Industry as Surface Solutions Group

Initiation into the medical device industry for Orion Industries (Chicago) came in the form of a VHS tape. In the late 1970s, the company was contracted by medical manufacturer Baxter to develop a coating for early endoscopic instruments that provided permanent electrical insulation. New to the medical device industry, Orion required a better understanding of the finished…

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