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Quality Manager Laura Abad named in Products Finishing’s 40 Under 40

Laura Abad, Quality Manager, CQE was listed in Product Finishing’s 2017 list of the Top 40 Under 40! We are proud to see Laura receive this accommodation and are very happy to have her on our team. As stated in the article: Laura started as an inspector in 2006 and became the quality manager in 2009….

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SSG Featured in Cleanroom Technology

SSG was featured in a Febuary ’17 article on Cleanroom Technology’s website! The article highlights the many ways our controlled environment facility improves quality and cost-savings for our customers. Check out the full article here!

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Benefits of Non-Stick Dental & Orthodontic Coatings

Nonstick coatings for dental instruments and orthodontic appliances help to reduce bacteria both in the mouth as well as in medical office environments. Learn more about different kinds of coatings and the additional benefits they provide. Antimicrobial Coating Benefits for Dental Applications Dental devices are prone to unwanted bacteria from normal oral flora, the outside environment…

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Coated needles

PTFE Coated Stimulation Needles

Many medical device and component applications are covered with non-stick coatings, such as PTFE, to enhance their properties and performance. One such medical product is the coated stimulation needle. Used for a variety of medical procedures and applications, PTFE coated stimulation needles are capable of reducing pain for patients along with numerous other benefits. What is a Stimulation…

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VisiMark® PTFE Medical Coatings with Banding and High-Contrast Markings

VisiMark® is a product of Surface Solutions Group, Inc. (SSG) to enhance medical devices with a low friction polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating and permanent visible marks. Markings often include permanent alpha-numeric characters that denote manufacturing codes, dates, and style along with banding. Many combinations of contrasted markings can be applied by SSG during the coating process…

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Electrosurgical Blades and Tip Coatings in the Operating Room

Medicine is moving towards more technologically advanced systems and surgeons are the prominent users of these instruments. Disposable electrosurgical blades and tip coatings offer unsurpassed performance and design features. During surgery, a surgeon needs a set number of tools that are specific to the operation and that must be accounted for throughout the procedure. During electrosurgery high…

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Hydrophilic Coatings in the Medical Field

In the medical field, technology is making an impact in many forms, especially in the area of medical devices. Hydrophilic coatings are just one of those booming innovations. Hydrophilic coatings are suitable for vascular catheters, guidewires and a wide range of polymeric and metallic substances. The mechanism through which the hydrophilic coating alters the chemical interaction…

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PTFE Medical Coating for Medical Devices

The Importance of PTFE Coating in the Medical Field

When it comes to non-stick coating, we often think of pots, pans, and various kitchen utensils. However, coating services are not limited to the food processing industry but are rather an integral part of a variety of industries which we rely on heavily. These include the medical, industrial, automotive, and chemical processing trades, all of which…

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Viruses that antimicrobial coatings help protect against.

How Antimicrobial Coatings Kill Pathogens

An antimicrobial coating can be applied to great variety of products, and industries that have benefited from this pathogen-killing technology include the medical, industrial, food processing, automotive, and chemical processing industries. The industry that has most benefited from antimicrobial coatings, and for which this technology is most utilized, is the medical industry, and here it is largely used…

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Laura J. Abad Receives ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer

Milwaukee, Wis., 06/06/2015 – The Certification Board of ASQ (American Society for Quality) is pleased to announce that Laura J. Abad has completed the requirements to be named an ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer, or ASQ CQE. As such, Laura J. Abad has reached a significant level of professional recognition, indicating a proficiency in and a comprehension of quality engineering principles…

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SSG’s Unique Surface Pretreatment for PTFE Coatings

What is Pretreatment? Pretreatment for PTFE coating is the preparation of metal surfaces for application of PFOA-free PTFE coatings. This is an essential step in the production process, as it allows the coating to properly adhere to the metal surface. This helps prevent against the flaking of coatings, which can lead to serious problems, such…

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Example of PTFE Delamination in Medical Guidewires

How to Prevent Guidewire Coatings from Flaking

The medtech industry appears to have a flaking wires issue-and the main answer to it may involve more stringent fundamentals around a gold-standard coating substance that has lost some of its luster. by Chris Newmarker as seen in Qmed The importance of fundamentals is the main lesson that Chicago-based Surface Solutions Group has learned over the…

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