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SSG’s Unique Surface Pretreatment for PTFE Coatings

SSG’s Unique Surface Pretreatment for PTFE Coatings

What is Pretreatment?

Pretreatment for PTFE coating is the preparation of metal surfaces for application of PFOA-free PTFE coatings. This is an essential step in the production process, as it allows the coating to properly adhere to the metal surface. This helps prevent against the flaking of coatings, which can lead to serious problems, such as delamination in medical devices.

What is Our Pretreatment?

Our proprietary FluoroBond® Pre-Treat is a neutral cleaner for stainless steel and alloys. Environmentally safe and non-toxic, it used to provide a deep cleaning of the steel substrate without changing the dimensions of the surface or remove materials.

Our treatment is designed to improve the adhesion of PFOA-free PTFE coatings to medical devices. This is a multi-step process, involving hyper cleaning of the wire surface, application of PFOA-free PTFE coating to the surface and comprehensive adhesion testing.

Our system is unique because of the increased adhesion to surfaces. The formula is heavily monitored to promote increase adhesion of PFOA-free PTFE to stainless surfaces. Coatings are consistently applied using our state-of-the-art automated spray process and various quality controls.

Uses for FLUOROBOND Pre-Treat

This bonding is optimal for use in hardware like:

• Scalpels
• Blades
• Medical wire
• Guidewires
• Probes
• Needles

Get the Best Adhesion Available

The superior bonding strength created by FluoroBond® Pre-Treat for PFOA-free PTFE coatings is your top choice for a PTFE coating pretreatment. To learn more, contact us today.